Orphan Adovocate

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Every child deserves a home!

That’s why Barbara and I have six children:  3 boys & 3 girls–one biological, five adopted–two from Ethiopia.

In December 2004 there were 875 children legally available for adoption in the Colorado foster care system.  We also knew that there were over 3,000 churches in Colorado with member called  to care for orphans.  The solution wasn’t rocket science: If every church took one child there would be a waiting list of families but not a waiting list of children!

Proj127_LogoThat’s why we started Project 127:  www.Project127.com

The body of Christ needs to come together to make sure there are no children waiting for homes in Colorado.  It is a travesty that we have kids waiting for homes in our own back yards.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless ins this:  To look after orphans…in their distress.”  James 1.27.

Project 127 is about helping Christian parents adopt and foster children in Colorado’s foster care system.  We believe there is a family for every child or youth who is waiting.