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As the Lead pastor of Colorado Community Church it is my privilege to serve this vibrant multi-cultural, interdenominational community of 3000+ followers of Christ in the Aurora, Co.


Transforming our city and beyond by connecting people to Christ, community and calling.

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We believe Christ leads His Church; therefore, we exist to glorify God by cultivating lives and hearts that are receptive to His leading. As a 21st century church with 1st century power, we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, Grace and the Gospel for the transformation of people into the image of Christ for the sake of others.

We measure our mission with testimonies of transformation; especially those new names written in the Book of Life; people growing in the fruit of the Spirit; and laying down tracks for individual ministry.

Our Base Camps is anexternally-focused gathering places where Christ is worshipped; His Word is proclaimed; people are inspired, equipped and mobilized to serve Him; and where care, prayer and family are available to all.

We believe every member is a missionary; therefore, we surrender the ministry of the Holy Spirit into the hands of an equipped congregation.  Our city and beyond can be reached as we seek first the kingdom of God; making the gospel accessible to every person in a holistic and culturally relevant express.  Thus we identify unreached groups of people and partner with or produce ministries designed for them.  God loves all people and desires them to experience his peace.  God also has a special heart for the poor and poor in spirit, the marginalized and miserable.

We are interdenominational and intercultural; therefore, we honor and celebrate our God-given cultural and denominational differences in all areas of our ministry.

We strive to weave fabrics of friendship and grow fruit on other’s trees. Knowing that it takes the whole Church to reach the whole city, we seek to unify the Church to serve the needs of our community by building kingdom partnerships with other ministries.

We believe in generous living. In an attempt to live openhandedly with the blessings of God, we give a minimum of 10% to God; half to CCC and the other half to ministries outside of CCC. We call this 5+5 giving.  We conduct our ministry in a manner that is cost-effective yet thorough in order to make responsible use of resources.

We are a Covenant Community. God enters into relationships with His creation through covenant. Seeking to follow in His ways, we make promises to each other, and if (when) covenant is broken, we are quick to seek forgiveness and reconciliation, because ultimately the world will know we are Christians by our love for one another.