How much $$$ are we supposed to give God?

Some say we should tithe.  After all, doesn’t the Bible say, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse”? (Mal. 3.10)  Yes it does but have you ever thought about what the “Whole Tithe” was?  The word tithe means, “tenth part” and in Israel there were three tithes that together comprised the “whole tithe.”

The Levite Tithe: support for the priests (Num. 18)–10% every year

The Festival Tithe:  support for sacred services/celebrations (Deut. 12)–10% every year

The Poor tithe:  Support for the poor, orphans & widows (Deut. 14 & 26)–10% every 3 years

Average the three tithes together and God’s people gave approximately 23% every year!

In response to this some argue, “Tithing was for those living under law but we live under grace.”  I agree.  So here is the question:  Does grace inspire more or less than law?”  Law limits us.  Grace sets us free!  Thus we no longer are constrained by tithing…we can give more!

It has been widely reported that the average Christian in America gives 2.5% to God.  Why do you think this is?

Randy Alcorn writes, “I will listen to the point of view of the Christian who says, ‘Tithing is not meant for today’–provided that he gives regularly and that his giving exceeds the tithe.  But the person who argues against the tithe and proceeds to give less than a tithe is effectively saying God has lowered his standards of giving and that New Testament grace means reduced commitment.”


I unpack the connection between grace and giving in this message on the Grace-Centered life.  It comes down to this:  How much do you want to give God?  Does anyone want to only give God one out of every ten dollars?

Grace-Centered: Part 5 (Pastor Robert Gelinas) from Colorado Community Church on Vimeo.