Homelessness To Hope

“It is estimated that an African child is orphaned every 2.2 seconds, leaving 2.5 million in Kenya alone.  These children are the tragic legacy of the AIDS pandemic exacerbated by poverty, drought, and tribal warfare.”

(Meet the children)

Eunice Kariukie is doing something about this.

(Watch: 9News Homelessness To Hope:  How did this one time Denver woman become the mother of almost 60 children)

She now leads Tumaini (Swahili for “hope”).  It’s a home, not an institution, devoted to preparing orphans to be productive citizens and future leaders in their own families and communities.  Tumaini provides a home environment of love and hope for orphans in Kenya through the spirit of Christ.

(Visit Tumaini’s website here)

Helpful Help

In difficult times we all need people to come around us for support.  But here’s the question:  “What happens when the people who come to help only hurt you more?

Job had this experience.  After losing family and fortune he then had to endure the accusations of friends who gathered around him in the aftermath of his disaster.

Have you ever had this experience?

We all want help others but sometimes in our desires to do good we end up doing more harm.

Any stories or advice to share?  How do you know what someone needs when they are in pain?  Have you ever had to suffer through the unhelpful help of a friend?