Dad the Babysitter?


Have you ever been out with your children and had someone say to you, “So, you’re babysitting the kids today?”

Has that ever happened to you?  Does it bug you as much as it does me?

I read of one father who responds, “I am their Dad, this isn’t babysitting. It’s parenting.” 

I’ve never said that to a complete stranger but I’ve definitely thought it!

What about you?

Ladies, does this happen to you too?

(This guy even wrote a book about it!)

2 thoughts on “Dad the Babysitter?

  1. Its not just strangers….In 2001 I worked with a new guy said he had to get home and babysit his kids while his wife went to work. I said that wasn’t possible. He gave me the puppy head tilt and I told him it wasn’t possible to babysit your own kids, it’s called parenting. We had that exchange about 5 times before he stopped saying it. To me at least. :0)

    Robert I encourage you to (nicely) say, ” Not babysitting, they are mine.”

  2. I really believe women have to change the expectation- we set the pace on this one. How many mothers say, “Oh, my husband will babysit!” I admit that the formal response, “I’m parenting” feels a little stiff. I usually call it “Daddy Duty” and when I’m at the helm, it’s “Mommy Duty.” My husband is retired military so he like the sound of being on duty and I get to make the point that you can’t baby your own kids!

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