Deciphering Christianese

We Christians have an in-house way of communicating.  Some have called it “Christianese.”  It’s our own dialect complete with its own set of metaphors and glossary.

To outsiders our subculture can be tough to navigate because of the words and phrases that we use.

Words such as “saved,” blessed” and “born-again” flow from our lips with ease.  We say things like, “The Lord works in mysterious ways,” expecting people to know what we mean

Truth be told, I’m not sure that we Christians even understand our own lingo.

Can you think of any examples of “Christianese”?   

2 thoughts on “Deciphering Christianese

  1. I have just been dealing with a personal situation that involved the “buzz” words, denial, surrender, Christ-centered, self, the definition of Insanity, and many more. I’m sure these all qualify.

  2. I find myself avoiding some Christian groups just because of this. Christianese does not roll freely from my tongue. I had been trying to include some of these phrases into my conversations, but after seeing this video, I will abandon that plan. Speak the truth in any language and you don’t need buzz words.

    “It is my calling.
    We will fellowship together.
    I took a step of faith.
    Are you saved?
    Repent of your sins.
    Can I have a witness?”
    …to name a few.

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