Update On My Next Book–And the title is…

My next book is about the most prayed and answered prayer in the Bible.  As you read through the scriptures there is one request that prayed far and above all others.  As a matter of fact, it is the one sentence spoken to Jesus the most.  And every time someone comes to Jesus with this request he never turns them away.  What’s the prayer:  Lord, have mercy.

The official title for the book is, The Mercy Prayer

It is the one prayer Jesus always answers! (possible subtitle)

The fine folks at Thomas Nelson are making this project happen and have set a release date is August 2013

The Mercy Prayer is…

For those who sin and those who suffer.

For those who suffer because of sin.

For those who sin to alleviate their suffering.

Lord, have mercy on us.

3 thoughts on “Update On My Next Book–And the title is…

  1. Love it!!! I can’t wait for it to be released. Looking forward to that blessing, bcuz I know it will bring blessings to all of us that are going to read it! See ya Sunday morning Pastor!

  2. Looking forward to reading it, Robert. Now that I have two kids under 4, I find myself praying ‘Lord have mercy’ quite often!

  3. Hello Pastor. This is fantastic. Of course, I do recall your sermon on the mercy prayer, as well. It was very inspirational to me -I have had a reminder set each day, in Microsoft Outlook, to pray this prayer.
    Thank you for all of your insightful thoughts and teachings.

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