Pat Robertson: Don’t Adopt Children–Updated!

I’m [was] speechless on this.  Pat Robertson’s clarifying statement (see below) does change things for me a bit.  All Christians are called to care for orphans and adoption is one of many ways to do that. Robertson’s clarifying statement doesn’t answer all the questions given the context of the conversation as seen on the video but I certainly can understand that sometimes we don’t say what we really mean–being on live television doesn’t help!

Thankfully, Joel Miller, has an eloquent and gospel-centered response:  Read It Here

Pat Robertson & The 700 Club released a statement.  Here it is in it’s entirety:

“Today, on live television, I misstated my heartfelt dedication and commitment to helping orphans. For decades, I have supported adoption, and have helped tens of thousands of children worldwide.

I wanted to say, but it didn’t come out the way I intended, that adoption is not for everyone.

The mother of three adopted children, who wrote in about her boyfriend’s issue with her children, did a wonderful, unselfish act to adopt and I respect her immensely. Yet, adoption might not be a fit for her boyfriend. If that is the case, she needs to find someone who better shares her passion for adoption.

Adoptive parents are taking on enormous responsibility, both emotionally and financially. Quite frankly, they need as much disclosure as possible about the child’s background and health to assure the best fit and be prepared.

In answering the letter writer, this is what I meant to say. If any doubt remains, I ask you to please look at what I’ve done over the years to help orphans.”


3 thoughts on “Pat Robertson: Don’t Adopt Children–Updated!

  1. Pat Robertson’ remarks are wrong on so many levels. Since he has millions of followers, what he said was thoughtless and irresponsible. And his clarification wasn’t much better. “Quite frankly, they need as much disclosure as possible about the child’s background and health to assure the best fit and be prepared.” All orphans deserve a family and anyone who denounces adoption at any level should be ashamed of himself. Especially someone who claims to be a man of God.

  2. I call foul on this including his attempt to fix his statement. I don’t feel like he clarified anything. Is adoption for everyone no, but I do believe God equips some of us with gifts that go beyond our own understanding. He has said a lot of things out of context and to come back and fix your statement because you got a little heat doesn’t buy you a pass. I believe he meant every word he said in the interview above. Every orphan should have a home…no matter what.

  3. As a mother of three adopted (2 international, one domestic) and one we had teen guardianship of, I am appalled at the comments. This explanation is not even close to explaining the statement that was made. Adopted children are labeled the United Nations and problems? What? He seems to indicate that we should care for orphans as long as they stay orphans.

    CBN has been very active in an effort to end the presence of orphans by promoting adoption in many countries. I have long thought Pat Robertson is needing to be off a national, public stage. This rant goes against his own organizations mission and should be proof that something is amiss. He truly needs to retire from public statements. I pray his heart does not actually hold what he says many times.

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