Help me choose the cover for my new book

Your input would be invaluable in helping me choose the cover for my next book, The Mercy Prayer:  The Prayer Jesus Always Answers. (Thomas Nelson, 2013)  I need to decide by this coming Tuesday.

(Click Images for Larger View)

Option A

Or Option B

Let me know in the comments section if you like the first or second option and why.

I’ll let you know the results.



Update:  Thanks you for all of your input.   We are going with Option A with a few minor tweaks and improvements.  

48 thoughts on “Help me choose the cover for my new book

  1. I love the first cover. Visually, I think both are nice, but to me, the first seems to better fit with what I can glean about the core message of the book.

  2. I like the first one Robert. It will appeal to both men and women more than the second one. The colors are also warmer, and, as has been said, gotta love the cross.

  3. This one is tough for me. A is warmer and catches the eye more quickly, but feels old. B is more modern looking, but somehow doesn’t quite work. So I guess my vote is a guarded A.

  4. I like option one better, as well, but I’m not sure why specifically. What I like about it are the same elements the second cover has, but certainly having the cross on the cover jumped out at me more are something I’d pick up to read (and I don’t actually read many Christian books). I also prefer the font on the first option.

  5. I like Option B.
    In Option A the cross image created a separation so my eye missed “The one prayer Jesus always answers”.
    I also find the “softer” font more open and approachable in Option B.

  6. Hi Robert,
    I like Option A because of the cross on it, as Barb said, Jesus’ “sign of mercy”. The only thing I don’t like about it are the tire marks on the bottom. It looks a kid ran over it with his bike, which is entirely possible at your house! Then there are those strange people out there who could say it’s a secret satanic code of some sort – like those people who accused Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Satan. Just play it safe – no tire tracks.
    Congratulations on finishing and publishing your book. Good on ya!

  7. They are both beautiful, but I’m leaning towards B. It just feels a little more contemporary, which makes it feel very relevant for this day and age (although the subject is timeless). Best of luck and I am looking forward to reading it.

  8. I like the second one bc it may draw in non-religious types. I find it is an appealing look and the unusual M makes me study it longer and maybe more likely to pick it up to read a little.

  9. Option A looks like many of my favorite books–like an old friend whom I have yet to meet. As stated by a previous commentor, option A can also appeal to both genders. I also think the cross is a good addition, for both those readers who are believers and those who have not yet taken that step.

  10. Two votes for cover#1. We love the added half cross feature a lot. Loved your first book and can’t wait for the new book to be released.

  11. Option A – isn’t the cross the ultimate act of mercy? It’s also warmer, but also more masculine, so I think it might draw the eye of more men.

  12. At first I liked the first cover, I think mostly because aestheticly, I like borders. I appreciate the graphics (even the ‘tire tracks’ :))The cross is beautiful, and seems to mimic celtic designs, which is appealing even on a secular level (if you are targeting this population and are concerned about that)
    But once I read the word ‘hug’ in a previous comment about the second cover, I really warmed up to it. If it had a border, then it would be a hard decision. I think a hint of a border gives it a completed look.

  13. Robert,

    I like the second option; it’s modern. People might think the first option is an old book that’s been in publication for quite a while.

  14. I like option A the best. The yellow and browns are richer and warmer. The pattern of colors gives the book an appearance of being worn and “well-read”. I am more likely to pick up and read a book that looks like many other people have read it.

  15. I like option B. As others have said, it has a more modern feel. I think the “tire tracks” could look nice at the bottom though. I could see how it has a more feminine feel though with the swirly, huggy font. Hmmm…

  16. We like the look of A, more appealing for both men and women. I do like the subtitle centered like on B, but love the cross on A and it would be hard to center it with this.

  17. I like them both, but option B looks like a better cover for a book about mercy: the flowing font looks more gentle than the severe lines of the other choice. I also think the subtitle, which is very intriguing, is more prominent on option B.

  18. Option A. grabs my attention with the cross and lay out. Option A looks like a good book, one i would want to pick up and see what it is about. don’t like the way mercy looks in option B the “m” looks weird to me.

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