Do You Know Your Sacred Pathway?

In a recent sermon I recommended the book, Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Souls Path to God by Gary Thomas.

There is also a quick online test that you can take (click here) but you’ll still want to read the book for a fuller understanding.

After taking the test feel to share your two highest and two lowest scores.  I’ll go first…

My Highest:  Intellectual (19) & Activists (18)

My Lowest:  Sensate (6) & Enthusiast (13)

LIFE: Fight. Finish. Keep. (Part 7) from Colorado Community Church on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Sacred Pathway?

  1. My scores:

    Highest: Ascetics (21) and Caregiver (20).
    Lowest: Enthusiast (14) and Intellectual/Sensate/Traditionalist (three-way tie, 16 each).

  2. Intellectual (19) & Sensate (19)
    Traditional (10) & Caregiver/Contemplative (12)

    I think every nerd reading this blog is going to be a high intellectual (and I guess the nerd writing this blog!). Also I really thought it interesting that one that was high for me (sensate) is not one that I actively seek out but clearly stands out now that I know now it. I would also argue that my quickest rout to sin is through my two highest connections to God, know thy enemy know thyself…

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