Does the question matter?

At the beginning and end of my sermon last week I asked the question, “Do you want to walk with Jesus for the rest of your life?”

Long time believers AND people who had never believed both responded by saying “yes” to that question.  Dozens of people raised their hands and after the service I had the privilege of praying with those who had made commitments to Christ long ago and with those for whom this was a first time commitment.

Since then I’m been asking myself, “Does the question matter?

Is there a difference between:

  1. Do you want to give your life to Christ?
  2. Do you want to ask Jesus into your heart?
  3. Do you want to walk with Jesus for the rest of your life?

Are these versions of the same question or are there important distinctions between them?  Love to hear your thoughts. Does the question matter?

(If you want to listen to last weeks message click here)

3 thoughts on “Does the question matter?

  1. Dear Pastor, I writing this to say that You are “Noteworthy”! I have been listening to your sermons for over a year now and you have never failed to amaze our family. I have read the Bible from cover to cover and I read the Bible daily, and although I have attended Churches for over 30 years I am still surprised by how much I do not know, thanks to your Spirit Breathed words of wisdom and encouragement. As long as there is a CCC pew available I will be sitting there thanking God the we found you. Amen! Due to the hurt and disapointment we have experienced in other Churches we are still not healed enough to consider membership yet, but each week we are getting closer to trusting people who say they Love the Lord again. I grew up poor and always felt that God did not Love me, I stilll remember not being able to go to Sundat School because I did not have 10 cents for the offering plate. You even spoke about this issue in one of your many wonderful sermons, and we were so relieved to hear you confess that you also had been hurt spiritually, thank you for being so real. We love you and thank you so much for making it safe to come back to God while still here on earth, thank you again for sharing yourself and loving the congregation the way Jesus loves.

  2. Patricia,
    Your words leave me speechless. Thank you.

    I’m grateful to God for his grace in our lives and the healing it brings.

    May God continue to bless you and all that you love.


  3. Hi Pastor,

    These versions are different and as you experienced solicit different responses –

    Do you want to give your life to Christ? – Talks about total surrender and relinquishing ownership. It is where we must end up (and actually where we must start from)… but could also create a bit of anxiety in a prospective believer that is not sure. But when they get to their wits end … this questions gets a great response, and could also create believers that let go and let God in the long run.

    Do you want to ask Jesus into your heart? – Looks more subtle, and gives a sense of invitation – Rev 3:20 captures it well. Yes I want to.

    Do you want to walk with Jesus for the rest of your life? – Amazing.. sure why not.. And the response from both Christians and new converts show the simpleness of this question. It’s simple, ‘non-threatening’, and creates a sense of mutual understanding. However for new believers, a good discipleship program is required to help them understand .. that walking with Jesus is ‘total surrender’ to him.

    Thanks Robert for these questions.

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