Join The Mercy Prayer Movement

I’m hoping you will help me launch a movement of prayer.

In the Bible, there is a prayer that is prayed more than any other:  “Lord, have mercy”–The Mercy Prayer.  Remarkably, there is not one time in the Bible where God denies this request!  What if The Mercy Prayer became the most prayed prayer in your life, family, church and community?

God delights to show and is rich in mercy.  God’s mercy is available for those who sin and those who suffer; those who suffer because of sin and those who sin to alleviate their suffering. (That sentence is worth reading again!)

My book, The Mercy Prayer:  The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers (Thomas Nelson), will be available in nine months.  My hope is that it will be a tool to inspire many to understand God’s mercy and His willingness to respond to our need for it.  It’s going to take a team.

The Mercy Prayer Team  

I’m putting together a team of people who desire to make the mercy prayer the most prayed prayer in their life, marriage & family and church.  It’s possible for us to seek God’s mercy with every beat of your heart.

Also, there will be teams focused on making the mercy prayer the most prayed prayer in their local..

  • Hospitals & Hospices
  • Nursing homes
  • Jails & Prisons

This is a nationwide initiative and I need your help.

Join the The Team

Would you like to join the team?  Can you imagine a day when the mercy prayer is the most prayed prayer in your life and community?  Ultimately it’s not about us, it’s about God and what he desires to do in our lives.

Here’s how

We have nine months to get ready.  Right now, let me know if you are interested in being on the team by leaving your name and email address in the comment section.  I’ve changed the comment settings on this post so your information will not be seen by anyone but me.  I’ll provide more details in the future and I also hope to provide some fun incentives for you.  Thanks!

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