Let’s Talk Faith and Politics (p2)

Wow, I’m loving the discussion and all of the food for thought.  Thanks for abiding by the rules of engagement. :-)

Tuesday–All of you who would describe yourself as conservative or republican get to share how your faith has led you to your position.

Wednesday–All of you who would describe yourself as progressive or democrat get to share how your faith has led you to your position.

Thursday–All of you who lean toward alternatives (Tea Party, Occupy Wall street, Libertarian) get to share how your faith has led you to your position.

Depending on discussion, we might add some other topics toward the end of the week.

Today, keep sharing your general thoughts on the previous post.  Also, take some time to read the comments of others.  The goal of this is for us to have a safe place to share how our faith influences our politics without anyone attacking us and for us to truly listen to each other.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Faith and Politics (p2)

  1. I found the below statement from a post yesterday upsetting (in a sad, not angry way).

    “Homosexuality is wrong. It is not something you’re born with. Nobody is made that way. It’s no more an alternative lifestyle than a habitual gambler or serial killer. It’s a deviant behavior that is not derived from God but by Satan. While GLBT participants are children of God, and thus worthy of love and respect, they are still wrong.”

    We are all so far from the perfection Adam and Eve were created with. Inherited sin is within us all. I just want us to remember that ALL imperfections are symptoms of that. Addiction, homosexuality, and yes being a serial killer. Imagine to be born without a conscience, no care of right or wrong, no compassion for others or without full mental capacity. Is that any different than being born without a leg, a complete spine? There is a key element missing, it is a flaw that God did not “plan” for in His creation of us.

    I do not view these things as being derived from Satan. They are not evil, they are physical symptoms of our distance from perfection. They are something that some people are born with and it is a sad thing. To call it “deviant behavior … derived from … Satan. “ is not loving or respectful. It is this judging of “sin” and lack of compassion that keeps so many away from Christ. Jesus surrounded himself with the “deviants” of the day in a effort to help them, we as Christians should be doing the same.

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