Should Christians Even Choose a Political Party?

Tony Jones thinks that Christians should be politically independent.

His argument goes like this:

  • As Christians, our allegiance is to God alone.  All other allegiances are to be subservient.
  • Both parties are beholden to money, lobbyist and corporations.
  • Christians should only be official members of a political party if they are personally running for office.

(Read the full article on Tony Jones’ blog by clicking here)

Would love to hear your thoughts:  Should we as Christians even choose a political party?

6 thoughts on “Should Christians Even Choose a Political Party?

  1. I think it is fine. Most people who choose parties are not necessarily “married” to that party and vote for the people they believe in and holds their values. Whether that is because of a party line or not is irrelevant. Not belonging to a party does not allow one to participate in a primary for a party that holds their ideals.

    I think Tony may be using the word “allegiance” too strictly. I may feel allegiance to my company, but it does not mean I will not leave one day and feel “allegiance” to another. None replaces, nor even comes close to, my relationship with God.

  2. I agree with him. Too often as Christians we are expected to vote a straight Republican ticket even though we may not agree with the position of the candidates. There are both Republican and Democratic candidates that claim to be Christian but do not model the life of Christ. We spend so much time arguing over the Presidential candidates but very little time discussing the candidates for Senate, House and local offices. While the President has veto power, we often forget that it is the House and Senate that proposes and votes in the laws of the land. There are so many lies and half truths put forth on both sides of the aisle that we need to be discerning and prayerful to determine what is God’s truth in the issues.

  3. Although I am profoundly grateful for not hearing political messages in church, I do think it is OK for a Christian to choose a political party. God is Lord above all, but that doesn’t mean that declaring yourself a Democrat (or a Coloradoan or an American or a white male) means that you are putting those things above God.

  4. Actually I’m wondering what my allegiance to Christ really has to do with my belonging to a party. While I understand your author’s points of view, it seems to me that I do have an obligation, as an American, as well as a Christian, to operate within the boundaries of what being an American means. Voting is an incredible privilege that we have in this country. The person or people on the ballots have much to do with our input into the system – whether they be local, state or federal. I just do not see how we can have influence into who they are, or who they will be without being part of a major party, at this time. I also do not like what they do, how they lie, and most of all how they are unable to come together. But right now I am asked to work with what I have, and if God leads, to work to change what I can. For instance, as a democrat, I am pleased to see a “Democrats for Life” within that party. Lots of those examples exist. My voting record is also all over the place – as your other responses have mentioned.

  5. Ditto to above! To be affiliated with a party simply means that you agree with a vast/large majority of the party’s platform. It does not require that you are beholden to that party in any fashion. One must always vote according to God’s standards no matter what anyway!

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