Gendercide Transforum Online

its-a-girl-posterRecently Colorado Community Church gathered for a Transforum on Gendercide.

What’s a Transforum?

It’s an invented word to describe a forum with the purpose of individual and world transformation.  The goal is threefold: Awareness, reflection & action.


Gendercide is the systematic and methodical killing of members of a specific sex. Today, more girls are selectively aborted in India and China each year than girls born each year in the United States.

It’s a Girl:  The Three Deadliest Words in the World is a documentary that vividly portrays this crisis.

Reflection:  Living the Call of Micah 6.8

Do Justice:

Whose case can I plead?  How can I involve the person who caused the problem in the solution?  What common ground do I have with those also working on this issue?

Love Mercy

Who is sinning and needs forgiveness?  Who is suffering and needs relief?  What basic human need can God use me to meet?

Walk Humbly With My God

What would it look like for God to show up?  What can I do?  What can only God do?

Action:  What is God calling you to do?

Click here to download the Transforum Tool box complete with local, national & international organizations/opportunities:


Feel free to share your feelings and thoughts concerning any of the questions of the Micah 6.8 call.

6 thoughts on “Gendercide Transforum Online

  1. Thank you for not just “raising awareness”…the slacktivism that pervades our society…but for calling us to act. Including links to help us to be His hands and feet.

    • I agree with Mimi. The holy huddles must end if we are to affect change. I am inspired to be a better steward of my treasure and my time and more effectively use my talent for God. I can write grants. I can live off and with less. I can share the Gospel and this film with others. And I will NOT walk away from this time with only kind thoughts and well wishes for the abused. Jesus wouldn’t and neither will I!

  2. The Gendercide Transforum was a powerful awakening of our consciousness regarding the condition of our society and world. The magnitude of the ills of this world can have a paralyzing affect and begs the question asked at tonight’s Transforum “What can I do in the face of such devastation and abuse ?” I am thankful to God that He is moving through the leadership of Colorado Community Church to rekindle the spirit and reenergize our desire to acknowledge the ills of this world, then step out on Micah 6:8 “…to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with thy God”. Not only can we be inspired to help in distant lands, but we can be inspired to affect lives at home, in our neighborhoods, our cities, state, country and beyond. Thanks for the contact information on the flier identifying local volunteer opportunities.

  3. It’s taken me a week to respond to the CCC transforum on gendercide. Frankly, I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of the issue and I went home from the transforum with little hope in my heart. There are the easy answers, like pass some laws that forbid gendercide. But in India laws have already been passed and that action alone hasn’t changed anything much.

    What can be done? It’s so big!

    A mother’s love of her baby starts long before she sees each other face to face. That’s how God made us. The agony of a mother who is forced to kill her baby must be horrendous. Lord have mercy!

    It seems to me that the only way gendercide can stop is with a culture shift. And the culture is so ingrained, only God can create that shift. When a government is openly promoting gendercide, as in China, don’t people start to think it’s OK? No big deal? And when abortion was introduced, they (we) don’t even have to see the baby before they (we) decide to kill it.

    In order to stop gendercide, society needs to promote a woman’s value in this world. We need to allow women to educate themselves so their worth isn’t based on whether they can have boy babies or babies at all. We (Americans) need to support those women who stand up and declare, “NO MORE!”

    When will the governments who allow and promote gendercide realize that without girl babies, there will eventually be no more boy babies…?

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