Cultivating Curiosity–The Making of a Multi-Ethnic Church (Conclusion)

As I look back over the last fifteen years of leading a multi-ethnic congregation I am more committed than ever to this beautiful expression of the gospel.  It is a joy to worship in a community that celebrates our God-given differences.

ae86271e9b7fe58dabce3a59b33be7e2Do You Taste Like Chocolate?

In the 1994 movie Corrina, Corrina, there’s a wonderful scene with two little girls that gives hope for what can be in multi-ethnic community.

Molly (a little white girl) says to Lizzie (a little black girl), “Do you taste like chocolate?”  Lizzie responds, “I don’t know, do you taste like vanilla?”

For the next few moments they proceed to lick each others cheeks!

Inquisitiveness is innate to children.  It’s normal for a child to wonder and ask probing questions of discovery.  Inquiry about skin tone and hair texture flows without inhibition. Then we grow up.  As adults we sense the barriers that society has set up and fear keeps us from getting close to them and each other.  Instead we rely on our self-made fig leaves and our shame keeps us from far from each other.  However, when we come to Christ together his grace clothes and opens up new realities.

Multi-ethnic community is about growing young in an environment where curiosity is cultivated as the norm for christian relationships.

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3 thoughts on “Cultivating Curiosity–The Making of a Multi-Ethnic Church (Conclusion)

  1. We will never truly become a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse church until the congregations of churches quit thinking in terms of “it is “my” church” and remember it is God’s church. A church should not be a personal social club but a destination that all cultures and races can come together to worship God in God’s house.

  2. I believe that there are a lot of people who think that the church is theirs. They should remember that the church is GOD’s Church and that since we are all GOD’S children everyone should be welcomed and I do think that in the 5 months I have been attending Colorado Community Church, to various days and times, the success in welcoming all who want to worship the LORD are here is super.
    I believe we continue to grow as we tell our friends and families about the Church.

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