How did Jesus reveal himself to you?

Christ in skyAs I work on my message for this Easter weekend I so desire for people to have a moment to consider the love of Jesus and what that means for their life.

I’m struck by all the ways that Jesus reveals himself to people and would love to hear your story of the first time you encountered the risen Lord.

When did it happen?  Where?  Were you on a spiritual quest or did he surprise you?


If you have yet to become a believer have you ever had a transcendent experience you could not explain?  Do you remember you experienced the presence of God?

7 thoughts on “How did Jesus reveal himself to you?

  1. I remember like yesterday that day. It happened in San Jacinto, Ecuador in 2001. I was the Math a teacher of a Christian High School, which belongs to the Church “Juan 3:16”. They organized a retreat for the church and invited me. I did not want to go, but since all of my coworkers were excited about it, I decided to go. I was not really looking for God, but He for sure was looking for me. The Pastor Alemu, who gave us a three day conference, came to Ecuador from Africa. He was truly used in that retreat. He taught completely in English and it was translated by one of our members in Spanish. However, we all felt like we could understand him. It was as if he was speaking our own language and we did not need the translation. His message was related to forgiveness, how God forgives us without ceasing and how we should do the same to others. Up to that point, I thought that Christians were sensationalist, full of emotions that will be thrown in the trash as soon as they would leave church, people who cry for everything just when they were in front of the congregation, but they did not practice what they preached. One example was the Director or our High School. I HATED him so much because he had such a way to make my daily environment in the school horrible. I was not the only one that hated him, but God used Him to reveal Himself to me. Here is where my experience came:
    As Alemu was telling us about how much God loves us EVEN when we do not deserve it, the Holy Spirit convinced me that I needed him, that even in the midst of my sin, He loves me. Almost at the end of the service, God challenged us using Alemu. He commanded us: “Look around and find someone who you need to forgive or being forgiven for”. He was kind of close to me. I was crying like crazy. He was the kind of guy that everybody is scared of. I remember seeing him and walking to him without any fear. Full of tears, I gave him a big hug while I told him clear and loud “I HATE YOU”. I’m sure that he did not expect that. He looked at me while I was crying and he understood that it was part of my freedom process. He told me, “I understand and I know that you are not the only one that hates me, but things are going to change”. Now, we are great friends.
    This was only the beginning of an amazing journey, where God has revealed Himself to me in so many ways, that I will need more than 12 stones to remember it.

  2. I was a “real” cowboy in 1977 when a horrble winter strom hit N.E Colo. Cattle were dying right and left. As a cowboy, these were my charges. On Christmas eve I said to God (Jesus) “help me cope!” I came to work Chrisrmas morning and found several critters suffering terribly. The protocal was to dipatch them humanely. I thought to myself, how can I do this? Then I looked out on the pristine morning and said, Jesus have mercy on me and your herd. Jesus gave me the strength to do what I had to do, but it jerks a tear out of me to this day.

  3. My granddaughter was about three and I was babysitting her when she asked me, ” Nanny, do you know Jesus?” As I sputtered about having raised n church as a child, she said” all you have to do is ask Him to come into your heart and He will. But I think He’s already there”. A couple of weeks later at her church with all the members of my daughter’s (her mother) dance ministry surrounding me at the altar, I surrendered my life to Christ. Kazuri just turned 8 and means so much to me. As does My Lord and Saviour. God was so gentle with me. He wooed me. I am so thankful..alleluia !

  4. Our daughter, Tammy, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was five years old. The doctors said she would live to be 12 years old. I got my grandmothers Bible out, and went to church and got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at a Pentecostal church in downtown Denver. My husband, Fred, saw such a change in me that he came to church with me some months later and got saved and filled with the Holy spirit, too. Our daughter lived a full life and went to be with the Lord at age 27 yrs. Fifteen years after her life expectancy.
    Some years later, I saw a perfect drawing of her face in the clouds between two houses near our home in Green Valley Ranch.

  5. My younger sister died in 1998, at the age of 39, of the fatal brain disease, CJD. Within two weeks, she was hospitalized, diagnosed and dead, so it was an extremely difficult time for our family. I was a believer, but I must admit, I was pretty disappointed in God right then.

    Several times in the last days, she looked up toward the ceiling and said, “What are YOU doing here?” and we wondered what was going on in her head.

    I remember the last night she was alive. We knew it was just a matter of time…a short time. There were several members of the family around her bed telling her it was OK to go. I suddenly realized it was so hot in the room and the hair raised up on my arms. As I looked around I saw the hair raised on several other arms. The only way I can describe what happened next was an energy flashed through those who were there. My niece whispered, “Did you feel that?” Everyone said yes and my sister was declared dead seconds later.

    I believe Karen’s spirit swept through the room as she left this earth and I believe Jesus let us all experience it so we knew she was with Him.

    We all agree, something miraculous happened that night.

  6. In 1980 my wife was nine months pregnant. We rushed her to the emergency room and they told us that our son had died. She delivered Micah still born a day later and she went into a coma. They only gave her a 5% chance to live. She had read to me Philippians 4:6-7 a few months ago and I remembered it, ” Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”. In the hospital looking at the wall with tears in my eyes, I turned around, wiped my tears and gave my life to Christ. Jesus met me there and 4 or so months later she was released from the hospital.

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