Good or Bad Golf Clothing Shopping Habits in 2021

Golf items shopping from a pro shop is a matter of interest, mainly because it seems to define many things around our finance as golf experts. And many times, if some of these habits are not well resolved from the onset, they may become a bigger problem in the future. For instance, a legendary boxer who used to be a world champion became bankrupt some years back. Although he was one of the wealthiest athletes in his days, he became bankrupt before he even grew old. Why?

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A documentary on his lifestyle clearly showed how much he spent on certain items when he had the money. Perhaps, he had thought that the money will keep flowing forever. But even if that is, a sense of management should be an integral part of us so that we can sufficiently use our ‘limited’ resources to meet our ‘unlimited’ needs. Failure to acknowledge this fact leaves many in the lurch. If not quickly tamed, shopping habits can seriously get out of control.

Furthermore, some psychological tests reported that shopping as an activity can induce the secretion of endorphin. This hormone is secreted when we fall in love or do an exercise. As it pertains to shopping for golf clothing and accessories, new dresses can be attractive and be challenging to resist, especially when there is competition. However, you still have to watch out for these pro golf shop habits for clothing items. In addition, many popular brands begin to launch outstanding products that can inspire you to a better game. However, watch it!

Deal with these Golf Clothing Shopping Habits

Resist peer pressure

If you belong to a pro golf shop/club with a team of friends who are also golf players, you may be persuaded to follow the bandwagon. For instance, meeting up at the pro shop or keeping up with appointments could provide an avenue to make purchases you didn’t plan for. By the time your fellow golfers are picking items for the same season you are preparing for, you may feel the urge to buy and probably overspend.

Fix it. The way to deal with this tendency is to first choose the people you shop with wisely. Instead of going to a pro shop with everyone, identify those without the unwanted movement and excuse the others. Alternatively, instead of buying from a physical pro shop, you can choose to buy online at an affordable price

That way, you look for the specific items you need and can afford, buy them and ball out. However, watch out also for click baits on online stores and stay on course.

Shopping with the plastic card

Do you wonder why we find it easier to incur many debts on purchases these days? The answer is that card in your wallet or bag! When you shop with your debit or credit card, you simply give yourself room for excess purchases than you really need. On the other hand, when you shop with cash or an online payment platform, you only pay for the item you picked in the cart. Shopping with a card means that you can overshoot your budget or ignore it altogether.

Fix it. As earlier mentioned, the alternative to using plastic cards is paying with cash or via an online platform. These options allow you to deliver precisely how much you need to pay and instantly too. Whatever you cannot afford at that moment may probably not be worth it. In other words, be wary of using credit cards to buy from a pro golf shop. And you must have decided that long before you came into the physical or virtual store at all. Alternatively, you can set a spending limit on your card, both on savings (debit card) or loans (credit card).

Saving your card details online

Many times, it is easy to think that saving your card details online is quicker and faster. But whatever its effect on your propensity to buy items you may not really need. When you don’t have your card handy, it may afford you the time you need to rethink your choice. But when the card details are saved on the platform or your device, buying is fast and prone to error and regret. Pro golf shops may offer you an opportunity to buy quickly but take it easy.

Fix it. Remember that the credit/debit card information you are about to save on shopping websites is also subject to theft. So, the solution is simple: keep your card details where the actual card is, in your wallet or bag. Avoid the risk of overshooting your budget by keeping your card information away from privy eyes, even yours.

Undermining Savings

When you look at some golfer’s bargain for prices in stores, you may wonder what they are thinking. The truth is that coupon vouchers, tax rebates, discounts, and other special offers may be a way of savings for the shopper. Therefore, don’t overlook any opportunity to save some amount of money. More so, without protection, you may spend more than you plan and then discover that you could have done better with your resources. In addition, don’t be tempted to save after you pay, but rather, spend after you save. No matter how attractive the items in the pro golf shop are, don’t undermine your savings.

Fix it. The fix for this is simple: cultivate an alternative habit of spending what is left after saving the predetermined amount. And while shopping, get as many coupons as you can, depending on your country, and activate them when you need to spend. That is, there is practically no reason for you to pay the total price of items when you have the choice of paying in bits. Alternatively, there are super apps that help you find and save coupons to use later.

Returning Goods

Some shoppers are in the habit of returning goods, especially after discovering the clothing doesn’t really fit. This habit is also not good for you, especially if you didn’t check out the company’s return policy before purchase. For instance, when you buy a shirt out of an impulse and discover that it is not exactly your size, what should you do? By default, many people will return it, but have you considered if that decision means extra cost or loss on your side?

Fix it. Check out the return policy of every item before you buy. This step is acceptable for all products and can save you from a lot of headaches. And if you are buying from a trusted store like, you can be sure of a longer return policy time and even free return shipping. We gladly like to take the load off the neck of our buyers. a good golf shop should have an assurance of a safe return policy.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Final word

In conclusion, bad habits often lead to bad decisions. But without the appropriate help in fixing it, how do you even come out of it. Hence the ‘fit it’ section we added to each bad habit that we identified above. Failure to adhere to these shopping rules may cause a purposeless and needless regret. However, mastering them gives you an edge always.


Bad Shopping Habits to ditch in a Pro Golf Shop

There are several reasons people walk into a pro Golf shop or shop from the best Golf store online. At times, it may be a sense of impulse to shop online because they are bored. Funny, isn’t it? But it is true. In addition, people may shop for items they don’t need because they want to boast. Others show off their latest arrivals of clothing, equipment including shoes, gloves, t-shirts, and caps. You may blame them all you want, but you and I may also fall into such flimsy excuses later.

We have identified some very terrible habits you need to begin to ditch to prevent the possibility of wasting time and money buying from a pro golf store for golf clubs. And it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out your own golf career at golf clubs or past your peak.

Bad Shopping Habits to ditch in a Pro Golf Shop

Proper Shopping Habits

The truth is everyone needs to learn the proper shopping habit to make the best out of our limited resources. is not just interested in selling golf equipment for golf clubs to you. We are committed to seeing you have the best value for your money.

Alternatively, you may begin to see this article you are reading as a guide to master before launching out in a new golf season. Basically, you may even have to first master these golf skills before walking into a pro golf store for golf clubs equipment. Or an instructional manual that can help you break terrible habits that have wasted your resources all these years. Whichever the case, simply deal with these identified habits for a better future in golf clubs. Enjoy!

Remove these Golf Shopping Habits completely

The ‘Buy only what I need now’ mentality

Are you shocked this is a bad golf habit? Of course, it is, and here is how. Many people don’t prepare for what they need ahead of time, which often leads them to buy golf equipment at the wrong time. It may mean that you have wasted the opportunity you had to buy golf balls earlier, or you bought it too soon. In any case, don’t wait until you have no choice before you shop online for golf balls. It puts you at the online seller’s mercy. On the other hand, get what you need when you need it to serve you well.

Bad Shopping Habits to ditch in a Pro Golf Shop

Buying Tips

Wait a minute! That is not all. Identify how much of it you need with a reasonable projection and factor it into your decision to buy online best golf ball. For instance, if you wait until you have no more toothpaste at home before buying and just buying one unit, you are shortchanging yourself. If not money, the least you could save is the time and energy buying online featured golf equipment, you will use each time you buy. More so, the seller or the pro shop owner in the case of the sale of golf club items knows that he can encourage you to buy more and keep. But you don’t see the benefit of such a strategy, so you limit yourself. But when you do, it may be your best brands chance for the best item from a golf club store yet.

Ignoring the Renting Option

This point is so vital for you to learn golf. Buyers who ignore the option of renting a golf club item instead of buying the range of golf ball may also not be doing well altogether. The reason is simple: that is an old, outdated belief. Nowadays, there are several expensive luxury goods available at the golf club for a golf game that you don’t have to buy to enjoy at will. For instance, remember the good old days when everyone wants to buy a limousine? History has now taught us that you don’t really have to own a limousine of your own to enjoy its luxury.

There are other reasons why renting may be far better than buying. If you have to use an item for a day or for a season, after which you may never go back to it. Then, why should you buy it? In the game of golf, a typical example of that would be a pro golf club that can serve you for a specific competition. So, instead of buying, why don’t you find out if there is a way you can rent it from the shop? More so, if the item is too costly for the number of times you need it, renting service is better than buying.

Incurring debts to finance your wants

When the reason why you are going to incur a debt is not clearly stated and justifiable, you may be setting yourself up for a problem. I remember in our younger days when we lacked the deep thought of the value of a thing; we just buy something because we ‘want’ them. How many of those things indeed served us for the length of time we would have wanted? At the end of the day, you would wish you had given it a more profound thought.

Bad Shopping Habits to ditch in a Pro Golf Shop

A golf store/shop may give you many options to buy on credit, but your primary decision to buy or not is yours.

Those days are also gone when you buy brands at the physical shop because the famous brands guys are using them. You cannot afford to buy a club because Tiger Wood brands used that same game model, and then you pay price for it through the shopping cart. And if there is any need at all to take a loan or borrow funds from this game, let it be a logical and justifiable investment into your career. Don’t go for loans to spend on what you ‘want’ and not what you ‘need.’

Yielding to sales deals by impulse

At best, the person who buys simply because of a good sales deal and nothing of his own accord lacks a mind of his own. In the worst-case scenario, he may discover that he owns many things he did not actually need, which is a waste of resources. Not many people indeed think this way, especially when affordability is not the problem. Yet, the economic mindset would agree that for every unneeded item you buy, something you need suffers.

Bad Shopping Habits to ditch in a Pro Golf Shop

Instead of click that ad that promotes a great deal to buy, ask yourself if you really need it now. The ad targets the leads on the seller’s part. By the way, ‘leads’ are those who have already shown a measure of interest in the product or service. Moreover, allowing your impulse to dictate to you may imply that you may never return to such a store, especially if you felt guilty after making the transaction. Buying from a golfing shop by impulse may not be altogether correct. On a final note, none of the parties really gets what they want in such deals.

Bad Shopping Habits to ditch in a Pro Golf Shop

Making choices by emotions

Letting your emotion dictate your choice of what you buy is closely related to the one above. But the difference is that previous deals with the will to buy. This other one talks about choosing the actual items you buy. In other words, your will to believe may not be a problem, but your selection of the golf items you eventually purchase matters. Some people simply buy some selected items because owning them feels good.

A typical example is an amateur golfer buying a pro golf club meant for professional golfers because owning it gives goose pimples. When the excitement is over, the reality of how foolish the decision is will come to the fore. When you wait, the emotion may not last long, and then, you see it for what it really is. However, how many emotional people are ready?

Bad Shopping Habits to ditch in a Pro Golf Shop


Finally, let us mention that the habits above are not bad habits when purchasing from a pro golf store. However, they may become the starting point of identifying specific patterns that waste resources. Hope you find them helpful.

How To Choose The Perfect Golf Clubs For Kids

So, you are out here looking for the right golf club to help your kid nurture his or her childhood dream; that’s an excellent way to start!

Having seen what young golfers are becoming in recent years if you have a kid that loves to play golf, you are lucky! Now, your following line of action is to buy that kid the right golf club that can make him or her a superstar. 

Unless you are not familiar with golf, you should have heard about Tiger Woods. The legendary golf icon started nursing his iconic career when he was very young. 

At eight, he has already become a proficient golfer on the course. He became a national sensation that he was showing off his skills on various television shows. That alone should motivate you to make sure you get the right golf club for your kid.  click here to learn more about how to select the best golf club for perfect swing.

There’s no limit to what junior golfers can become. It’s all about consistency and discipline. It’s not a hidden fact that playing a good golf game is not exclusive to adult golfers. Indeed, juniors can also stun the golf course with incredible skills. That’s why you need to take them seriously. 

Junior golfers need to start their young careers with the right equipment to encourage them to practice more often and master the skills faster. Hence, if your kid starts to use the right golf club at a tender age, he or she would make a great player in the future. 

It all starts from getting the right golf club.

For junior golfers, playing with the right golf club will help maximize his or her full potential either at practice ground or in the actual game.    

Of course, it is fair enough to say that there is no golf game without a golf club. It is a crucial part of the game. And, the kind of golf club a kid uses to play determines how well he or she will perform on the course.

Now, picking the right golf club for your kid does not have to be complicated. Indeed, many options are waiting for you right there in the market. Somehow, it looks like the manufacturers are focusing more on making high-quality golf clubs for kids. However, the highly competitive market can make it somewhat challenging to choose the best club for your kid. Don’t fret! This guide will help pick a golf club that perfectly matches your junior golfer.

How do you choose the right golf clubs for your kid?

First, you need to answer the following questions to guide you pick the best from the rack. 

What are junior golf clubs?

Junior golf clubs are specially designed for kids to make them play the golf game conveniently. They are more flexible, lighter, and more lofted to make the game easier for kids on the course. It is not ideal for junior golfers to play with adult clubs. The reason is that golfers can make poor swing when the club is heavy. 

What is the age range of junior golf clubs available?

You can get a perfect golf club for junior golfers from age 3 (size zero) through age 17. They are in sizes. Meanwhile, you have to be careful not to buy the wrong size for your kid. If you want to buy a perfect one, the age needs to match the size. 

What are the sizes of junior golf clubs?

Though the size varies, generally, most of the top brands that manufacture kid’s golf clubs offer 11 different sizes. These sizes are offered based on the strength, height, and age of the kid. So, before choosing a golf club for your kid, you need to consider those three factors to make the best choice.

In addition, the height of the kid matters. Junior golf clubs are available from sizes zero sets for 36” tall kids to 69” tall kids.

Can a junior golfer use or modify adult golf clubs?

It’s a simple answer. No! The following are the reasons you should not try it:

  • Most adult golf clubs have their shafts on the stiffer side which does not provide enough flex for junior golfers.
  • Adult club heads are heavier. Hence, it is more difficult for junior golfers to lift them. That is why it is harder for junior golfers to get a perfect backswing.
  • The lofts of adult golf clubs are usually more potent, making it more difficult for kid golfers to get the golf ball airborne. visit to learn about Improving the quality of games teaching to promote physical activity.

What are the factors you should consider to choose the right golf club for your kid?

Here are some of the crucial things you need to consider to choose correctly.

Age of the kid

You need to note that golf clubs for kids are not for all ages. There are specific golf clubs for particular age brackets. Most of the golf clubs you see on the rack are categorized by age groupings. So, it is wrong to pick at random after seeing the ‘Junior golf club’ tag on it. If you don’t know which club size best fits your kid, you can ask the seller to make the right prescription for you. 

Height, weight, and the athletic ability of the kid 

Aside from the age, the size of the kid also matters in choosing the right golf club. Things can get confusing here as two kids of the same age might have different heights.  When that happens, you would have to choose based on prime instead of period. 

The kid’s age might be tally with a particular size but how long the club will be in the kid’s hand is of more significant concern. When the club is too long, the kid will choke down on it, affecting the kid’s swing. 

Furthermore, the kid’s weight and athletic ability also determine the club’s length to buy. For instance, a kid with a larger body can use a long club, while a kid with a lighter weight can go for a shorter club.


Choosing the right golf club for your kid can be very rewarding for you and your kid. Just have it in mind that you need to buy the right club that fits your kid’s weight, height, and athletic ability rather than choosing by age. Meanwhile, getting the right golf club for your kid is simple if you adhere to this guide. 

Let’s Talk Faith and Politics: Conservatives & Republicans (p3)

Today is for those of you who would describe yourself as conservative and/or Republican.

I’m assuming that you’ve read this article:  Why I am a Christian and Republican

Two questions:

  1. How do you agree/disagree with the article?
  2. How did your faith & study of scripture lead you to your political position?

Thanks in advance for your willingness to share.  Tomorrow we will hear from progressives and/or Democrats.

(If you are just not entering into this dialogue please read this first:  Let’s Talk Faith and Politics (p1))

Let’s Talk Faith and Politics (p1)

How does your faith influence your politics?

Jesus didn’t shy away from politics and we shouldn’t either.  Rather, I believe, our faith in Christ should  guide our politics.

Yet, people deeply committed to Christ don’t all agree on politics.  Most Christians usually vote and choose their party based upon their faith.  We all don’t agree even though we are reading the same Bible and serving the same God.

This week I’m going to host a discussion on this blog on faith and politics.

My hope is that we will share our views humbly and with civility.  No attacks or rock throwing, rather let us be, “quick to listen and slow to anger.”  Let us elevate the discourse.  Ultimately, they will know we are Christians by our love not by our vote.  Amen.

Good and godly people choose to put different bumper stickers on our cars.  The problem is that is usually as far as the dialogue goes.

Are you a Democrat because you are a Christian?  Are you a Republican or Libertarian because of your faith?


Everyone is welcome to read and follow the discussion, but I’m asking that you do some homework before you post comments

Earlier this year, Relevant Magazine, did a series on faith and politics that will serve as a guide to our discussion.

Here are the links:

  • Why I am Christian and Libertarian
  • Why I am Christian and Republican
  • Why I am Christian and Democrat

Use these articles as food for thought and then let’s learn from each other.  This coming week we will have a day devoted to discussing each one of these viewpoints.

Ground rules:

  1. Share clearly how Jesus & the Bible lead you to your conclusions.  Let your comments flow from your faith–not republican vs. democrat; conservative vs. liberal talking points.
  2. Don’t say why you are not the other party.  That is, say what you are for, not what you are against.
  3. No attacks whatsoever upon other participants.
  4. Have fun! :-)

Here you can find a good resource about “How To Select The Best Golf Club For Perfect Swing

How To Select The Best Golf Club For Perfect Swing

It is a general belief that achieving technical perfection in your swing is the key to success and life-long golfing happiness. Do you also second that? Well, I think it is fair enough to say that statement is true. 

Meanwhile, it can be hard to perfect your swing without a perfect golf club. That’s a statement of fact. Or how else could you make a swing if you are not holding a golf club? No way! That makes your choice of swing an essential factor in achieving perfection in your swing. 

Now, how do you get the right golf club for a perfect swing? What are the essentials you should look out for when choosing a golf club to improve your swing? You will unveil direct answers to all these questions as you read through this article.  

Let’s start from the start.

There are two contradicting schools of thought in the golf world regarding which golf club is best for learning the perfect swing. While one faction believes that the golf club a golfer is holding matters in the quality of his or her swing, the opposition faction believes it doesn’t matter at all. A professional perspective shows golf clubs fit the swing and your performance on the course.

Out of all the golf clubs, the driver seems to be the most difficult to master. It has the most extended shaft and the lowest loft of all the clubs in a typical golf bag. The straight clubface adds sidespin on the ball, and the longer rod suggests that your techniques must be perfect for returning the clubface to the ball. A closed clubface or open at impact lets the ball hook or slice from the ball-to-target line.

To the following crucial question, what should you look out for when choosing the right golf club for a perfect swing? It’s simple. The following tips will expose you to six crucial ‘don’ts that will guide you to make the best choice.  click here to visit what makes a good game.

Don’t Rush

The wide variety of golf clubs in the market today can make you make the wrong choice in haste. If I am not exaggerating, it can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter whether you have been playing the game for ages. If you don’t take your time, the sheer volume of golf clubs can confuse you. 

Think about it. As new technology keeps emerging in the golf world, every brand (both top-rated and fast-rising) is looking for ways to attract new customers. Hence, the over-saturated market. 

Since your goal is to achieve a perfect swing, you don’t have to fall to entice beautiful designs. Be deliberate about quality and performance. It’s also essential to do thorough research and decide which golf club will give you the best result. A good golf club is a significant investment. If you get it right, it can change your game absolutely.

Don’t Fall For the Name

If you want to make a choice, you have to ignore the big name. Often, most golfers buy their golf clubs for the pride of the term. While that, in itself, might not be a bad idea, it can be a wrong move if the club cannot serve your ultimate needs at the end of the day.

On the other hand, some golfer gets attracted to Taylor Made because it is one of the top-rated brands in the golf world.

Though those brands have the track record of making top-quality golf clubs that enhance performance, you still don’t have to buy because of the name. When you have done your research and know the right golf club that improves your swing ability, go for it regardless of the term. 

Another thing you should know is that golf club manufacturers now target different categories of players when making the newest models. So, a club can fit perfectly into Tiger Woods’ game but give you a directly opposite result. 

Don’t Buy a Club with Thick Grip 

The thickness of your grip can have an immense impact on your swing. When your grip is too thin or too thick, it can restrict your hands, causing you to make a bad swing. 

Now, how does the perfect grip look like? 

The proper grip should allow you to have a firmer hold on it with your middle, ring finger, and thumb. One of the convincing ways to know if a golf club helps your swing is to check if your finger touches your thumb while holding it. It not; that means it’s too big. 

Don’t Take the Shaft Length For Granted 

It’s generally accepted that getting the right length of your shaft is a crucial factor when buying your golf club. Here are the key considerations: before advancing to marketing, know your height, body structure, and physical strength. 

If you are a taller player, you need a longer shaft to play at the peak of your ability. It’s a general rule in golf. Hence, if you are short, you might need to consider a shorter shaft to best performance. In addition, the shaft flex and its sustainability are significant to your swing. Bear in mind when getting to the market.

Don’t Go For Higher Loft 

Based on professional research, a golf club with a lower loft such as 3 iron sitting at 21-23 degrees can make your ball fly longer than a club with a higher loft. You can test the attic by how much the clubface is angled away from the club shaft. A clubface with a higher loft degree will be more horizontally angled than a loft with a lower degree.

Don’t Buy One Sized Club Head 

If you want to get a perfect swing, you need to have a different-sized clubhead. Most of the top brands make standard, midsize and oversize club heads for their clubs, and your choice is mainly dependent on your experience on the course.  visit to learn about why do golf clubs have numbers and what do they mean?




When your swing becomes perfect, there seem to be no boundaries to the distance you can reach. Think about the accuracy, control, and consistent, incredible performance on the course. But it all starts with getting the best golf club. 

Lifted By Angels

Joel Miller not only shows an understanding of the Biblical teaching on the subject (which, if you think about it, is rather minimal) but he also demonstrates a rich understanding of what the church has believed throughout the centuries.  It is this latter aspect that sets this book apart.

Ultimately this book will awaken your imagination to the presence and role of these magnificent beings created to serve us.  Miller puts it this way:  “God sends his angels to live among us and lift our fallen humanity toward Christ.

  • the role that angels play in the lives of people and in God’s plan of salvation
  • the different ranks and functions of angels
  • how Satan and his demons fell from grace and why they plague people
  • the functions of guardian angels and how God assigns them to fit our personal needs
  • how guardian angels help us resist evil, temptation, and the Devil
  • the way angels join with us in our prayers, even adding their own to our own
  • the service angels provide in worship
  • the way angels accompany us when we pass from one world to the next in death

Ref “How To Choose The Perfect Golf Clubs For Kids