Helpful Help

In difficult times we all need people to come around us for support.  But here’s the question:  “What happens when the people who come to help only hurt you more?

Job had this experience.  After losing family and fortune he then had to endure the accusations of friends who gathered around him in the aftermath of his disaster.

Have you ever had this experience?

We all want help others but sometimes in our desires to do good we end up doing more harm.

Any stories or advice to share?  How do you know what someone needs when they are in pain?  Have you ever had to suffer through the unhelpful help of a friend?

Call Me in Six Months!

Stop dating…for six months!

That’s the idea behind  P. B. Wilson’s book, “Knight in Shining Armor: Discovering Your Lifelong Love.”

While the book is primarily for women, men can benefit from the concepts too:

  • Take six months to focus on your relationship with God and make sure that he is number one in your life.  Begin to see members of the opposite sex as brothers and sisters in Christ and not just potential spouses.
  • A “no dating pledge” frees your mind from the all-consuming pursuit of trying to find a spouse and you begin to just see people as people.  During this time you that there is a difference between loneliness and being alone.
  • In addition, to focusing your relationship with God, you can also give attention to being content with yourself so that when you do find that special someone you are not looking for them to satisfy some deep need in your life that no human fulfill.
  • You could also use the time to come up with your “Future Spouse Checklist”–Those qualities and characteristics that are non-negotiable for the success of a lifelong covenant relationship

Award winning blogger, District Diva, took the pledge and has been chronicling her experience here:  The Dithering of a District Diva

The Pledge looks like this:

Lord, I want You to fashion me for my prospective husband/wife.  I commit the next six months of my life for Your construction.  I will surrender any area which is not controlled by You so that my life will bring You glory.

Ladies, what would happen if you said, “Call me in 6 months” to every guy who asked you out? Sure would weed out the men from the boys, wouldn’t it?  A guy who is willing to wait six months just for a date with you is a serious-minded man who understands your true value.

For the record, if you think six months is a long time, I had to wait six years for my first date with my wife!

My beloved Barbara was worth every minute!