Lessons from the Life of a Homeless Man

SermonSeries_LessonsFromTheLifeOfAHomelessMan_TITLETerry Louis Fraser was a homeless man who loved hanging out in the parking lot of Colorado Community Church. On June 10th he laid down next to our building and breathed his last breath. He was a friend.

In my book, The Mercy Prayer I wrote this about him:

Terry is a homeless man whose knees are so damaged that his biggest challenge each day is crossing the street before the light turns traffic against him.  He and I have had many conversations.  When he is drunk, he screams at God at the top of his lungs.  One time he was screaming at me, “I’m just a gnat to God! In the same way I crush a bug, God has crushed me!” When the alcohol wore off, I asked Terry if he wanted to know what the most answered prayer in the Bible was.  He did, and he a has been one of my proofreaders for this book.”

No one claimed him from the coroner so we have–Terry was and is one of us.

We were sent to Terry but God also sent Terry to us.

If you knew him do you have any stories you could share?  Why do you think God sent him to us?  What is the message God wants us to hear?

This weekend at Colorado Community Church we remembered and honored Terry in all of our services.  The video below was my eulogy.