How To Choose The Perfect Golf Clubs For Kids

So, you are out here looking for the right golf club to help your kid nurture his or her childhood dream; that’s an excellent way to start!

Having seen what young golfers are becoming in recent years if you have a kid that loves to play golf, you are lucky! Now, your following line of action is to buy that kid the right golf club that can make him or her a superstar. 

Unless you are not familiar with golf, you should have heard about Tiger Woods. The legendary golf icon started nursing his iconic career when he was very young. 

At eight, he has already become a proficient golfer on the course. He became a national sensation that he was showing off his skills on various television shows. That alone should motivate you to make sure you get the right golf club for your kid.  click here to learn more about how to select the best golf club for perfect swing.

There’s no limit to what junior golfers can become. It’s all about consistency and discipline. It’s not a hidden fact that playing a good golf game is not exclusive to adult golfers. Indeed, juniors can also stun the golf course with incredible skills. That’s why you need to take them seriously. 

Junior golfers need to start their young careers with the right equipment to encourage them to practice more often and master the skills faster. Hence, if your kid starts to use the right golf club at a tender age, he or she would make a great player in the future. 

It all starts from getting the right golf club.

For junior golfers, playing with the right golf club will help maximize his or her full potential either at practice ground or in the actual game.    

Of course, it is fair enough to say that there is no golf game without a golf club. It is a crucial part of the game. And, the kind of golf club a kid uses to play determines how well he or she will perform on the course.

Now, picking the right golf club for your kid does not have to be complicated. Indeed, many options are waiting for you right there in the market. Somehow, it looks like the manufacturers are focusing more on making high-quality golf clubs for kids. However, the highly competitive market can make it somewhat challenging to choose the best club for your kid. Don’t fret! This guide will help pick a golf club that perfectly matches your junior golfer.

How do you choose the right golf clubs for your kid?

First, you need to answer the following questions to guide you pick the best from the rack. 

What are junior golf clubs?

Junior golf clubs are specially designed for kids to make them play the golf game conveniently. They are more flexible, lighter, and more lofted to make the game easier for kids on the course. It is not ideal for junior golfers to play with adult clubs. The reason is that golfers can make poor swing when the club is heavy. 

What is the age range of junior golf clubs available?

You can get a perfect golf club for junior golfers from age 3 (size zero) through age 17. They are in sizes. Meanwhile, you have to be careful not to buy the wrong size for your kid. If you want to buy a perfect one, the age needs to match the size. 

What are the sizes of junior golf clubs?

Though the size varies, generally, most of the top brands that manufacture kid’s golf clubs offer 11 different sizes. These sizes are offered based on the strength, height, and age of the kid. So, before choosing a golf club for your kid, you need to consider those three factors to make the best choice.

In addition, the height of the kid matters. Junior golf clubs are available from sizes zero sets for 36” tall kids to 69” tall kids.

Can a junior golfer use or modify adult golf clubs?

It’s a simple answer. No! The following are the reasons you should not try it:

  • Most adult golf clubs have their shafts on the stiffer side which does not provide enough flex for junior golfers.
  • Adult club heads are heavier. Hence, it is more difficult for junior golfers to lift them. That is why it is harder for junior golfers to get a perfect backswing.
  • The lofts of adult golf clubs are usually more potent, making it more difficult for kid golfers to get the golf ball airborne. visit to learn about Improving the quality of games teaching to promote physical activity.

What are the factors you should consider to choose the right golf club for your kid?

Here are some of the crucial things you need to consider to choose correctly.

Age of the kid

You need to note that golf clubs for kids are not for all ages. There are specific golf clubs for particular age brackets. Most of the golf clubs you see on the rack are categorized by age groupings. So, it is wrong to pick at random after seeing the ‘Junior golf club’ tag on it. If you don’t know which club size best fits your kid, you can ask the seller to make the right prescription for you. 

Height, weight, and the athletic ability of the kid 

Aside from the age, the size of the kid also matters in choosing the right golf club. Things can get confusing here as two kids of the same age might have different heights.  When that happens, you would have to choose based on prime instead of period. 

The kid’s age might be tally with a particular size but how long the club will be in the kid’s hand is of more significant concern. When the club is too long, the kid will choke down on it, affecting the kid’s swing. 

Furthermore, the kid’s weight and athletic ability also determine the club’s length to buy. For instance, a kid with a larger body can use a long club, while a kid with a lighter weight can go for a shorter club.


Choosing the right golf club for your kid can be very rewarding for you and your kid. Just have it in mind that you need to buy the right club that fits your kid’s weight, height, and athletic ability rather than choosing by age. Meanwhile, getting the right golf club for your kid is simple if you adhere to this guide. 

Let’s Talk Faith and Politics: Conservatives & Republicans (p3)

Today is for those of you who would describe yourself as conservative and/or Republican.

I’m assuming that you’ve read this article:  Why I am a Christian and Republican

Two questions:

  1. How do you agree/disagree with the article?
  2. How did your faith & study of scripture lead you to your political position?

Thanks in advance for your willingness to share.  Tomorrow we will hear from progressives and/or Democrats.

(If you are just not entering into this dialogue please read this first:  Let’s Talk Faith and Politics (p1))

Let’s Talk Faith and Politics (p1)

How does your faith influence your politics?

Jesus didn’t shy away from politics and we shouldn’t either.  Rather, I believe, our faith in Christ should  guide our politics.

Yet, people deeply committed to Christ don’t all agree on politics.  Most Christians usually vote and choose their party based upon their faith.  We all don’t agree even though we are reading the same Bible and serving the same God.

This week I’m going to host a discussion on this blog on faith and politics.

My hope is that we will share our views humbly and with civility.  No attacks or rock throwing, rather let us be, “quick to listen and slow to anger.”  Let us elevate the discourse.  Ultimately, they will know we are Christians by our love not by our vote.  Amen.

Good and godly people choose to put different bumper stickers on our cars.  The problem is that is usually as far as the dialogue goes.

Are you a Democrat because you are a Christian?  Are you a Republican or Libertarian because of your faith?


Everyone is welcome to read and follow the discussion, but I’m asking that you do some homework before you post comments

Earlier this year, Relevant Magazine, did a series on faith and politics that will serve as a guide to our discussion.

Here are the links:

  • Why I am Christian and Libertarian
  • Why I am Christian and Republican
  • Why I am Christian and Democrat

Use these articles as food for thought and then let’s learn from each other.  This coming week we will have a day devoted to discussing each one of these viewpoints.

Ground rules:

  1. Share clearly how Jesus & the Bible lead you to your conclusions.  Let your comments flow from your faith–not republican vs. democrat; conservative vs. liberal talking points.
  2. Don’t say why you are not the other party.  That is, say what you are for, not what you are against.
  3. No attacks whatsoever upon other participants.
  4. Have fun! :-)

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